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Logotech is well known for having great products. This gaming mouse is another example of how Logitech cares about the quality of their products. The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum has been dubbed the best logitech gaming mouse. It has an optional gaming sensor, that is very advanced. It is wireless with customizable lighting features, it is made for ambidextrous gamers, and it is very lightweight. The weight of the mouse can help you move your mouse quickly or slow you down during your gaming time.

            The Chaos Spectrum provides the gamer with a lag free wireless performance. Many reviews state that this mouse out performs any mouse out there. The one-millisecond report rate is excellent. As well as the optimized wireless connection. The battery life is extremely long for the mouse also. This mouse has technology in it, which keeps the power consumption lower. Gamers can play for 32 hours straight without a power charge. This is great for gamers, the least distracted you are from the competition, the better.

            The best gaming mouse to take on trips is the Logitech G603. The price is $179.88 on Amazon. Some pros to his are: stellar wireless performance, powerplay wireless charging support, and a wealth of customization options. One con to this mouse is that it is expensive for a lot of people.

            Clearly, there is only one complaint, which is great news. This is one of the best gaming mice out on the market.  It provides you with fantastic gaming experiences. It is equipped with lightspeed technology. This mouse is compatible with Logitech’s Power Play wireless mouse charging mat. This mouse is designed very well and has 8 keys and earns an award for being an awesome gaming mouse.

            This is simply a highlight of what is to offer gamers on their hunt for the best gaming mouse.  If you do not have a clue on how to pick the best, use these cards too. Here are some tips on finding the best wireless gaming mouse.  Wireless Connection: We never look at the connection as being something to worry about, but it does. Our connection is very important and must be precise. Battery Type Wireless mice do not have to connect to the computer for power. In fact, they provide their own power source. Most mice run off AA or AAA batteries, but they will last a few months before they are replaced. Number of Buttons is useful, but it depends on what type of game it is. DPI is important too. The higher the DPI is, doesn’t always mean the best. A higher DPI mouse is more accurate in practice. Many gamers prefer the lower DPI values and more hand movements. Appearance and Visual style are important when picking a gaming mouse. You want to have a nice-looking mouse preferably with adjustable colors. Lastly, we want to look at the physical size of the mouse and be aware of where it is always. If its heavy, we do not want it to weigh us down during the games. 

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